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Blog Success Rocks »

For the readers of this blog, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of but if you haven’t made any money online, this would be a great place to get an exact blueprint to consistently making money specifically using the power of blogs! Don’t know what a blog is? Don’t be ashamed as everyday I meet plenty of people who have maybe heard ofΒ  blogs but honestly don’t know how they could actually make money with them!

Recently the owner/founder of, Jack Humphrey conducted a case study interview with one of his students Rusty Moore. Rusty has been a student of Jack’s since May 2007 and needless to say he has taken the ball and hasn’t stopped running with it!

Rusty’s site is FitnessBlackBook which currently gets around 3000 unique visitors per day.Β  He has one page on his website that makes him over $300 per month. Other pages and posts on his site make more or less than that.

He attributes his success with his website to the training and examples he’s learned from Jack. Rusty has met many people because of his powerful website presence and the following he’s built in the fitness niche gathered from the content he puts up on his blog.

What does any of this have to do with you? Well, there are many members stories on the site who echo what you read above. Following the step by step blueprint provided by Jack and the ever helpful members such as Diane who is a great member manager, one is sure to have success learning how to make money with a blog.

Check out for more information. You’ll see alot of FREE content on this page. Look at some of the articles by Seth Godin and all the member contributed stuff! In a future post I’ll go into more detail in what cool things you can find inside the membership…because of course I’m a member myself πŸ™‚

PS..if you want a FREE report that you can learn more about Web 2.0 click here

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NASCAR Fantasy Racing »

Perhaps you’ve had inspired to enter in a fantasy racing league. Fantasy NASCAR is for auto lovers, the greatest of all the Fantasy Sports offerings. In this game people become owners of their own NASCAR team, choosing drivers who then chip in points to the team founded on real life results. The point totals for each team in a league are sorted, with top point earners fetching various periods of times such as weekly or seasonal. After doing some research you will see that some leagues maybe free, while others charge entry fees, some offer gear as prizes, some pay out cash. Figuring out which one to join can be a big headache!

The 1980’s saw the birth of fantasy NASCAR, hot on the heels of fantasy football, and the 90’s saw volatile and massive growth as more people went online. NASCAR is one of the popular racing formats that have fantasy games based on it. Others include Formula One and Indy but seem small when compared to Nascar. Both season long leagues and leagues based on shorter time frames such as quarters or even months are popular with Fantasy NASCAR, for both people who want to vie over a long term and for people who may want to play for a shorter time. Again, the options available make it possible for a fan to participate no matter what your needs.

Fantasy NASCAR competitions each abide by their own unique rules The majority stick to NASCAR’s rules as far as assigning points to drivers based on their race results. Sometimes drivers who are selected by more people are restricted for fantasy play, their results only counting a certain number of times as sometimes a season can have a runaway winner so rules such as these make it even for others who chose badly. Other criteria such as quickest lap time or best overall average lap time, or total time in first place, become important for leagues that are based on fewer races. There are fantasy NASCAR leagues that solely rely on people predicting certain drivers’ order of finish for each race, or leagues that focus only on certain events. There are even leagues that are mixed leagues including NASCAR as well as other types of racing leagues, in which players must predict one or more races involving different types of cars each week.

NASCAR also hosts an official fantasy NASCAR league of its own in case you didn’t know. Owners receive $100 million dollars per race to put together their team. In this league owners face owners every week, with standings founded on the overall won/loss record. Every week is a new challenge as contenders work against each other to find the best racers that week. NASCAR charges $12.95 to play. lists NASCAR driver averages and points for the current NASCAR season useful information for fantasy NASCAR players. A Google or Yahoo search can find more tips and ideas for you to think of.

Thanks for finding this website and taking the time to read my Fantasy Nascar article

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Daytona 500 2009 »

The weather is a bit spotty but that didn’t stop the fans of Nascar showing up for the Daytona 500! The race is still going on while I write this however it’s pretty crazy with an average speed of around 160mph! Do you think the drivers are trying to clock some miles early just in case the rain comes down? What do you think? Exciting no matter what the answer is.

The economy didn’t seem to effect the turnout at Daytona. All 200,000 of the seats sold out last night and only infield tickets were still available. I’m guessing that Nascar fans won’t be stopped from being at one of the most celebrated races on the Nascar racing calendar πŸ™‚

I’ll be getting back to the action now and down some beers but I’ll leave you with some highlighted videos of some previous Daytona 500 races:

2008 Daytona 500 Final Restart/Finish

2007 Daytona 500

Any Nascar fan will love this clip:

The Infamous Fistfight – Daytona 500 1979

Ok Nascar race rans…talk soon!

daytona 500 daytona 500 2009 nascar

Websites For Sale – Is It Worth a Look? »

With the current state of the economy, people are being very cautious with the money they have. To think that you may not even be safe to leave your money in the bank! Your 401K seems to be shrinking by the minute. The stock market can make your stomach twist and turn with every tick. If you are lucky enough to have some money to actually invest, what are you supposed to do?

Historically, the greatest amount of wealth is made in these types of conditions. If you really think about it…it makes sense. Take this for example..people with real estate properties that they invested in but overpaid dearly for are willing at this moment to sell at reduced prices. You have money, so go find the deals! There are plenty of them out there in all types of businesses. You just have to learn to look for them and recognize the opportunity.

One area you might not have heard of that has great potential is virtual real estate. This is "virtual" properties on the web, and they can be very valuable to you if managed properly. The concept is the same as real estate property but translated to the web. Imagine it like owning a valuable commercial building in a very busy part of town. Lots of traffic usually translates to sales for a business. If you own a website that has lots of traffic, that usually equals money πŸ™‚

For more information on websites for sale check out

websites for sale

Burgers Will Be The Death of Us »

I’m American so a burger and fries is a staple part of my diet πŸ™‚ Ok, I use to eat them quite often, amounting to at least 3 times a week. The words,"Supersize me " was an automatic reaction to the burger joint employee before they could even ask me. Let’s not even bring up the unlimited refills at the soda machine (common in Southern states). When you’re young, thinking of calories and fat content is as exciting as watching paint dry but as you get older you realize the impact on your health and your waistline.

After reading this report, "America’s Best and Worst Burgers " I was really shocked to see the amount of calories the popular burgers contained! 1500 calories and 150 grams of fat! Whoa…to be honest, I never knew these numbers, or more likely I didn’t care but once you know it’s irresponsible to continue eating a burger without feeling guilty. I mean it was mentioned that you can eat 8 six ounce steaks to equal that! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have 4 steaks and actually be considered on a diet with those numbers!

The one shocker on the list was the Turkey Burger served by a popular chain..which normally is associated with being healthy. It too had an insane calorie and fat count. The "mini’s" are not so mini and earned the distinction of being on the list of worst foods to feed children. Ah, how sad it is to know that one of my favorite foods is such a killer. Thankfully the article offers alternatives. Can you believe that the top franchises actually have healthier alternatives when considering these numbers? For example, a quarter pounder with cheese is actually ok on this list. Funny how anything can be made to look good if compared to something else…

burgers diets

Veteran’s Day 2008 »

Today, November 11, 2008 is the day we celebrate to honor military veterans and not just an excuse for students to rejoice because they have no school πŸ™‚ People in our country quickly forget unless there is a crisis, the importance of our military force and how they help to maintain the peace and order in our country. Many people rally for peace but many times don’t understand that peace is controlled mainly by the understanding that if one steps too out of line, force may be necessary….

Now I’m not conducing war, brute war and domination…far from it. However, one must remember that it’s in our nature to cause havoc. See how quickly people lose control when power goes down and mass mentality take over. Take New Orleans for example…when the flood occurred it didn’t take long for looting and vandalizing to take place. Again, I’m not saying that people are inherently evil but sometime depending on the circumstances, one feels they can justify the end. In our own country we need the local police forces to maintain order and in order to defend the country we need the military which brings us to today…Veterans Day 2008. Honor the men and women that protect our country. Our peace would not be here today without them.

veterans day veterans day 2008

Mobile Phones..Are You Ignoring Them In Your Business? »

If you look around you’ll notice that almost everyone has a mobile phone. I even heard that the number of people with cell phones far outweighs the number of households with a home computer! Okay, that may or may not be true but if you really think about it, it’s not that much of a stretch.Β  Communication is important to us and I’m sure if you had to choose between cable T.V. and giving up your mobile phone…I think cable doesn’t have a chance.

Knowing this plus the fact that cell phones are becoming more and more advanced, one would thnk that businesses would take the initiative and at least design their websites to be mobile compliant (If a business doesn’t have a website, then that’s a whole other article discussion, haha) however there was a study done on that showed the Top 20 most trafficked sites were not working well on the leading mobile phones.

The proper way to do this is to have your website done correctly and using strict XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). If this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you then have your website designer look it over or next time you build your site make sure this is one of your requirements. Doing this at least makes your website mobile phone friendly . For those of you who already have a website up fortunately there is a tool offered by that allows you to create a meta.txt file that can direct visitors to the proper version of your site that you have prepared for mobile devices. Thanks for the tip.

Now why would one go through all this trouble? The writing is on the wall and the newest developments are happening in the mobile arena. Businesses that capitalize on this will clearly have the advantage. Check out Mike Elgan’s post, "Where’s My Digg Phone?" to get an idea where the more technically savvy among us are thinking….you have been warned πŸ™‚

life history of mobile phones mobile phone apps mobile phones

November 4th 2008 Election…Are You Going To Vote? »

Today is the election that’s being talked about as the most significant election in history (at least in recent times) but is it really all that different than any other election? Sure, this may be the first time that there is a candidate who is not caucasion..opps, is that politically correct? Frankly that’s as far as I’d like to point it out because to be honest the lead that seems to be assumed by everyone may not be as clear as you like….

This is one of the main reasons that this year, more than ever that one goes out and vote. Don’t assume your candidate will be the winner because of pre results being shown. If you’re an American Citizen, it’s your duty to do this. BUT…and I do mean but….please do your research before you blindly go into the election booth. The problem really is are you educated enough about the issues each candidate represents? Don’t blindly just choose a party and flip all their switches. It’s easier, I know, we all want easier…but is that right?

America is a great country but here’s a little secret…(looking around nervously…), the government doesn’t always care about you and me. If you really think about it, the human race is a perplex organism….we ravage all the things around us and are usually very selfish! Many studies have shown that when there is no order, immediately or soon after, riots and anarchy arise. This sadly is human nature at it’s worst. Now please don’t think I’m bashing us as I also believe we as humans have an amazing capacity for wonderful things too. I’m just pointing out some things to think about which can start a whole new discussion, but we’re interested in how this applys to this 2008 election.

Have you watched all the propaganda that has been broadcast over the airwaves? A 30 minute infomercial for a Presidential election? Did you watch that? Notice the demographics they were covering? The message that was trying to be put out? This is something more out of a marketing manual than just an average article in a no name newspaper. Start with the problems then state the benefits of your solution….What’s wrong with that? Nothing to be honest, but I have to point out that you shouldn’t be easily influenced by this as it was created to intentionally influence you.

One of the problems as with most elections is everyone encourages you to vote but then don’t educate you or at least educate you on researching the candidates yourself. Sure, we can watch the news and read the papers but they don’t mention that each of these mediums have a bias. Yes, we have the internet and this is what makes this election unique as more than ever we are relying on who to trust. If you find it on the internet…is it really the best and right information? One thing you should know about the internet and the search engines, they can be manipulated. Yep, they won’t tell you that but in the short term timeframe, the results can be effected especially if you type in longer search terms in the search engine box.

Ok, I think I’ve been ranting too long as this discussion can take pages and you need to vote now. Where to go? We’ll, I’d start here if you haven’t looked at this already. Here’s another good resource to check out. There is tons of information to be found and in the end, it’s what is important to you that counts. Listen to everything but don’t get influenced by what everyone tells you they think is right. Be strong and choose on the candidate who you truly believe in. Only time will tell if either candidate and party will do what they say they will. That is another story….

Barack Obama election information John McCain November 4th 2008 election presidential election

Luxury Print Bed Sheets And The Allure of Animal Print Bedding »

Let me first say that it’s been quite some time since I’ve been writing. Life has caught up with me and getting my butt to write has been a chore for what seems like something that should be quite easy. I needed some inspiration and luxury bed sheets are where I found them! What?? You might say? How about animal print bedding ? Well, my friends of the opposite sex know more about bed sheets more than I do so I defer to them for information, especially if you need to know anything more than a thread count of 300…what is that you say?

What is the minimum thread count to be considered luxury sheets? Thread counts of 400 can start to get pricey but are considered very luxurious and long wearing. High quality luxury bed sheets will have thread counts as high as 1,000! Bed sheets come in two main varieties, flat or fitted. Ah, I don’t want to bore you with the common definitions! You’ll be able to research those things on many other websites including the luxury bed sheet manufacturers themselves. Let’s talk more about the more exotic animal print bedding out there πŸ˜‰

Most women, given enough money or credit have more changes of bedding than is entirely necessary for living comfortably. Don’t ever say that though because after a hard day’s work, a nice long bubble bath followed by plopping herself down on some nice clean luxury bed sheets is many times what is required to relax! Due to the varied tastes people have the stores are not lacking in new patterns in bedding. You’ll find varieties more than you can imagine! Cotton, silk, satin, suede, plain, printed, the list goes on and on.

What I’d like to focus on is specific types of luxury bed sheets! Now if romance is on your agenda, why not try an exotic print of animal print bedding. What do you think of an intricate pattern of various wild big cats romping amongst a backdrop of tropical greenery? This makes for a sensual atmosphere to share with your special someone.

Many of theΒ  popular animal print bedding designs simulate the look of animal skins, such as leopard spots and zebra stripes. Think of mix and matching bedspreads and duvets that may sport the more intricate animal print patterns. Using you and your partners imagination and the ultimate animal print bedding creation will be had. Remember, each of these bedding components can be mixed and matched with other sheets, shams and pillows to create your own unique creation. So you can rationalize this exotic look as an act of economy when viewed in the larger picture plus it may spice up your relationship! What price can you put on that?

This is not all about romance though. Remember, animal print bedding is not confined to purely adult enjoyment. There are animal prints of a more whimsical flavor and would look great in kid’s rooms. Young girls love sheets patterned with the Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Rabbit and Wind in the Willows themes. If you keep your eyes open you’ll notice animal print bedding for both boys and girls. Just as with bed sheets geared to adults, kid’s designs also come with coordinating accessories and the mix and match feature. You just don’t need to go crazy on the thread count! Why even bother with luxury bed sheets? Plain can get boring, so why not spice it up!

animal print bedding bed sheets luxury bed sheets

Bobby Mercer Dies Today at 62 »

Hi everyone…I just want to express my condolences to the family and friends of Bobby Mercer who died today at 62 years of age.Β  All of Major League Baseball mourns his passing as he was regarded highly among his peers. We’ll miss you Bobby..

To be honest I’m not a big baseball fan. I watch the Championships and know a few of the players but to say I know anything knowledgeable except how to play would be overstating the truth. I can’t comment except to add on the respect I read in every article about Mr. Mercer.

I am a born New Yorker and a Yankee by association.Β  To read how highly people have held Mr Mercer in their eyes makes me respect him as a person because we all should be lucky to live a life as his and leave such a legacy.

As Goose Gossage said…”It was the way he carried himself. It was his character and the class in which he did everything — all business and no flash. It was the way he treated everybody as a person.” On this day, we should remember his name and go out in the world treating everyone you meet the same way you would expect to be treated, with respect.

Long live Bobby Mercer!

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