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NASCAR Fantasy Racing »

Perhaps you’ve had inspired to enter in a fantasy racing league. Fantasy NASCAR is for auto lovers, the greatest of all the Fantasy Sports offerings. In this game people become owners of their own NASCAR team, choosing drivers who then chip in points to the team founded on real life results. The point totals for […]

Daytona 500 2009 »

The weather is a bit spotty but that didn’t stop the fans of Nascar showing up for the Daytona 500! The race is still going on while I write this however it’s pretty crazy with an average speed of around 160mph! Do you think the drivers are trying to clock some miles early just in […]

Bobby Mercer Dies Today at 62 »

Hi everyone…I just want to express my condolences to the family and friends of Bobby Mercer who died today at 62 years of age.  All of Major League Baseball mourns his passing as he was regarded highly among his peers. We’ll miss you Bobby.. To be honest I’m not a big baseball fan. I watch […]

Super Bowl Champions… »

Yep, the Giants did it…upsetting the balance of the football gods…to win 17-14 !! I’m not a big sports fan and there are plenty of other websites that can talk about the specifics of strategies, the teams history and the records, well you get it…there’s many football sites that would better cover what a true […]

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