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Mobile Phones..Are You Ignoring Them In Your Business? »

If you look around you’ll notice that almost everyone has a mobile phone. I even heard that the number of people with cell phones far outweighs the number of households with a home computer! Okay, that may or may not be true but if you really think about it, it’s not that much of a […]

VoIP Telephone Service Tips On Signing Up.. »

In the last post I mentioned VoIP which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and how some audio conferencing providers use it but let’s go into more detail about it. You may have heard the hype of VoIP and you are tired of the ever increasing costs your local phone provider seems to be piling […]

Blu Ray Wins Versus HD DVD…Does It Matter To You? »

What is Blu Ray and HD DVD? I admit I’m into the latest and greatest. My parents (my father specifically) although of modest means purchased if possible the coolest gadgets and thus began my addiction to all new technology. The credit companies insidious plan to put us all in debt by allowing us to buy […]

Are You A Phone DJ? »

MixDJ, a new application from NXP Software allows one to use their cell phone to create gapless creations from the audio tracks saved on one’s phone! I used to be a competitive DJ when I was younger and this was when digital music was in it’s infancy. Regardless of the time, a true DJ (disc […]

Feedburner….Here We Go!!! »

Ok…as I stated in an earlier post, I’m trying to increase my Alexa rank so I need to post on things more related to webmaster content. I want to pimp my blog a little so I’m going to take the advice of one of my buddies and use Feedburner to manage my feeds. According to […]

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